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Paws for Pictures from our Happy Customers
We would love to hear from you if you have bought a puppy from us!
We are now using Facebook for our customer's stories. You may post your Knapp Creek Yorkie's picture and story on the Knapp Creek Acres, LLC Page on Facebook or email us at knappcreek@southslope.net and we will do it for you!
Thanks to all our customers that join us on our Facebook page!
Watch Olivene's video clip! Her parents were Charles and Hilda. Perhaps your yorkie is related to this little "movie star" from Knapp Creek!
We bought our little bundle of joy last February.....
She is one of Rhonda's pups. She is doing great and very happy here in Rockford. She LOVES to swim when we are at our boat on the Mississippi. She is obsessed with the water. She even cries when we fill our tub at home! Here's a picture of her on a hot day this past weekend. Marina is the most popular pup on the dock!
Thank you for such a great little dog. We love her so!
Hi Joe,
Roxie and Stella have been lighting up our lives almost two years!  As  you will recall, Roxie was a Christmas gift from my children in 2007  and her litter mate, Stella, joined us about a month later as a companion to Roxie.  They are busy little girls and make us laugh every day.  We are still working on learning good doggie manners, but sometimes they are just to playful to take "school" seriously.  Roxie is very determined, friendly and laid back (for a yorkie)---"girls just want to have fun" is her motto and Stella is a very serious little dog who likes to play fetch (for hours), follows the rules and tells (barks) when Roxie sneaks downstairs.  Please feel free to use their photo on your web page.  We are so thrilled with the quality puppies your kennel produces that we like to spread the word!  We take "the girls" on many outings and being the "people magnets" that they are, we have had the opportunity to suggest a visit to the Knapp Creek website many many times!
Hi Joe and Connie
         This is Lola we bought her from you in December. She is 6 months old. She is very playful and loves to run around in the snow and grass. Everywhere we go we take her with us and she never barks. She weighs around 4-5 pounds but is very healthy. Ever since we got her we have been enjoying our time with her. Everyday when my son comes from school or I come from work she runs to the door and waits for us to play with her.
 It's been almost a year since our Yorkie arrived...and I can't thank you enough for the wonderful lil puppy for my two girls.  We're so lucky to have received such a good little girl from Kora and Riley's May 2008 litter.  As I said, she arrived last August (2008), and she's been the center of our lives ever since.  She 'trained' so quickly, and she's such a smart girl!!!!   She follows all of us around like a shadow and although she doesn't like to walk on a leash w/ harness, she loves to play and run in our backyard.  
 I again want to thank you for all your support, and please know that I've recommended Knapp Creek Acres on countless occasions to anyone who shows an interest in our lil "Shayna".  As a breeder, I tell everyone that you're "TOP DRAWER" in my book....and that Shayna was well worth our investment.   Attached is a pic of our sweetie taken around the Christmas holiday.
Introducing Gizmo! We bought Gizmo from Joe and Connie on June 6th, 2009.  Obviously we thought he was adorable and perfect... we were just as bais as any "parent" would be! We decided to go out on a limb and enter him in Iowa City Press-Citizen's "Prettiest Pet" contest and Surprise! A month later, Gizmo won the "best dog!"

Gizmo loves to sleep and play. His favorite game is fetch.... or fetching bugs! He can do a few tricks, such as sit, shake, and lay down.  He is very social with other dogs and provides us with laughter every day!


Dear Joe & Connie,
I just want to send you a quick note to thank you for helping us find the most perfect addition to our family.  He is the best investment we’ve ever made.  We bought Cooper from you back in February 2008.  He was a Valentine’s gift to me and my daughter from my husband.    Cooper’s parents are Christina & Riley.  He has fully grown to 3.6 lbs, and has the best I mean BEST personality.  So loyal, and sweet. I have never been so happy with a pet in my life.  I would like to share some pictures I took of him this weekend enjoying the sun in our back yard.  I remember Joe telling me how much these dogs love laying in the grass in the sun.  And he was sooo right.  Anyways, please post these pictures if you would like.  Cooper is a star, and I would love for everyone to see what a great breed that Knapp Creek raises.

Hi, Joe and Connie,
Milly and Molly just celebrated their golden birthday on 7-02-09.  They were born on 7-02-07, their parents were Ruby and Gussie.  We adopted them on 9-10-07.  Milly weighs 6 lbs and the Dr thinks she's a little chunky.  Molly only weighs 5 lbs, but is really active!!!  When they are together it's very hard to tell them apart.  Milly is a little more blonde then Molly, but they are both real cuties!!!  We're still enjoying them very much!!
You are welcome to post their pictures on your site.  Thanks for raising such great little dogs!!!!
I've attached a picture of Gracie 11months today and Freddie who will be 6 months on Wednesday I hope you get the picture I sometimes have trouble with sending them. Just wanted to let you know they are my world. And I love them more than I thought possible. And I would love you to put the picture on your web site. Thank you so much for my babies.
  It' s been a while since I've sent an update on Coco Puff, so I thought I'd include pictures from her birthday today. She is great! So sweet and hilarious. This year, she had her first ride on a plane. We went to California for Christmas. We made so many friends in the airport!
    Everyone we meet thinks she's a baby, but today is her 2nd birthday. We recently met another pup from Knapp Creek that was only 5 mo old and bigger than her already! Coco Puff has held strong at 4lbs for a long time now. She also continues to rule the roost here. Puff thinks it is her job to guard the sidewalk and notify us when someone or something is on it. She's very brave :)

Dear Joe and Connie,

Please post my picture in Paws and Prints.  Sadie and Sammie are getting all settled in and enjoying each other’s company.  We got Sadie on March 2, 2009 and Sammie March 20.  We felt it was like eating chips- you can’t just have one.  They both had their first grooming March 31st and they were not all that enthused about it.  It is so much fun watching them play and romp together.  They like to pounce on each other.  I tell everyone I know to check out your website.  Thank you again for all your kindness!

Hello Joe and Family,

 Once again, it’s picture time…. So I thought I would send a copy of Maverick  your way.  He will celebrate his 6th birthday in a few weeks, so hard to believe that time has passed!  Mac still runs the roost around here, and is the King of our pack.  As we speak now, he is just lounging at my feet in his blanket.  We still talk daily about how it was SO worth the drive and the cost for him.  Hands down, he has the best personality and disposition of any of our Yorkies.  Just goes to show that you know what you are doing!  Just wanted to once again Thank you for your great job and our little guy!  We would be lost without his company!

Joe and Connie,

Again just wanted to thank you for allowing us to have such a great companion.  Maverick is now about 6 years old, and is still the best thing ever!  We currently have 5 yorkies, and even though they are all great – none come close to Mac.  He just follows me around all day ( I work from home) and plops down where ever my feet rest.   His favorite trick is to “sit pretty” in which he stands on his hind legs and then sits down while still upright.  It’s adorable.  He has just learned to play “dead” which is hysterical.  All you have to do is say “Bang” and he falls over and lays with his legs in the air.  Next:  let’s train him to play cards!  Who doesn’t like a dog who can play Euchre? 
I have several times told people about your kennel and will continue to do so. Charles and I are part of a rehabilitation center, and we care for and foster abused Yorkies until they have homes.  It’s challenging at times, but rewarding as well. I have attached a recent photo of Mac for you to see how he has aged.  He weighs about 6 lbs now, but has to watch his diet closely!  We tend to call him “Chubba Bub” because he can gain weight really fast if we aren’t careful!  He likes to eat!

Hello Knapp Creek!!!
I purchased my little guy from you over a year ago, as he was born 10/27/07. I'm originally from Marion, Ia and that is where he stayed during his puppyhood until we moved to San Diego, Ca 09/11/08 to be with my husband who is an active member of the United States Marine Corps. Our little Riley is referred to as my "prince". He loves to go to the beach and walk by the water, walk on hiking trails, and take strolls in the car every once in awhile. He's so smart, and insists on not walking with a leash, he's incredibly well behaved as he walks beside me (no leash) wherever we go indoors and out. He's such an amazing companion, and I can't imagine not having him with me! Thank you so much!
Hi Joe and Connie:
Here are some more pictures, mostly of Grace, who has become a much loved and happy member of the pack very quickly.  She's such a love.
Hello Joe, Connie & Family!  We hope you and your family are doing well.  We wanted to send updated pictures of our Sadie.  She turned 3 in February and is doing fabulous!  She's our spoiled little girl.  We moved to Lisbon and she loves it out here!  We have a large corner lot and when the weather is nice, she runs like bunny through the yard!   She's so sweet & adorable. Her parents are Lilly & Dimitrik.  If you can't put all of these pictures up on your site, pick the best two!  Please keep doing what you do best - provide love & happiness to families!
I bought my baby girl, Sierra, from you 6 years ago.  She actually just turned 6 last month!!  She is gorgeous, wonderful with our girls and loves kids in general and we could not imagine life without her.  She ended up to be about 7 lbs and has been a very healthy dog.  We just love her and are so glad we found you to buy our Yorkie. I have attached a pic for you to post on your site if you would like.  We would love to see her featured!
Dear Joe, Connie and Ruth,

Here is "Riley", he is 2 pounds 4 ounces of cuteness and energy.  It only took him a day to get comfortable here. He gets so excited when he sees one of the cats, only one tolerates him, Max our black cat.  We have learned that it is best to keep them separated as much as possible.  The cats need to have their space and Riley needs quiet time. He is so smart and doesn't forget a thing. He is doing good getting used to going outside and waits for his training treat when he does his duty. He loved his new bed from the moment I brought it home. He jumped right in. He is the best behaved dog ever. When its time to go to his quiet sleeping area (baby gate in the bathroom) he gets in his bed and lays down. Doesn't cry at all. He is also very loving, and likes to cuddle at your neck. We are having so much fun. It is pretty amazing how much we all love him. We are very interested in a companion for him and will be watching for the one for us.
Thank you for the wonderful addition to our family.

Hi Joe and Family,  

How are you?  I purchased my Yorkie, Jolie, from you guys in November of 2005. Her parents were Willie and Kendra. I have always meant to send some pictures of her.  A Friend just recently asked for your information after seeing Jolie and I thought -- what better time!  I have attached 5  pictures of her ranging from age 1 to 3.5 yrs. Buying Jolie was one of the best things I have ever done. She is now 6lbs. She is doing great and is so loved by not only me but my whole family. She has a great personality and is very playful as well as loving. I would not trade her for the world!  She is like my child. You have so many great Yorkies for sale, I wish I could give Jolie a sister or brother. Unfortunately I can't, but I am sure you find them good homes. Thanks for bringing such great joy to me and my family.  I hope you choose to post one of Jolie's pictures.

Dear Joe & Connie,

   Thought you might like to hear how things are going with Tucker.  It seems to be a smooth transition so far and is a welcome member of our family.  I appreciate the time you spent with our family and knowing you are there to answer questions is also helpful.  I sent a couple of pictures we took the day he came home and thought you might enjoy them.  Please feel free to post this and the pictures if you like.  Thanks for bringing joy to our home and Happy New Year!!!
We love our new Yorkie. Her name is Missy.
I sent a few pics to show how she is adjusting.....the third (right) picture is of Sir, Missy, and their big sister, Abby. They are all getting along just fine. The last picture (not posted) is of Missy bringing my dad, a World War II Veteran, much pleasure.
All is well...
Mocha with one of his Christmas gifts. We are so happy Mocha is part of our family. Thank you very much. 
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